We aim to provide holistic services that stand out and exceed that is expected from a Medical Services Team to Cruise Ships.

  1. We provide the Owners with a list of the required medical equipment, taking into account the type & the space allocation of the vessel
  2. We are solely liable for the training & support of the Medical Team while being on board & hand all the essential material out.
  3. We ensure that all personnel has all the required qualifications & certifications- everything must be followed by a proven track record & covered by a malpractice insurance.
  4. We offer services to the members of The Deck & Engine Department making crucial decisions (health & hygiene related issues).
  5. We undertake either the training of the Medical Team that are already employed or we are responsible to recruit our own Medical Team for the vessel.
  6. In cooperation with all the relevant ship departments, we undertake continuous medical training such as first aid & CPR instructions, & also supervise inspections.
  7. We ensures that the ships have all the necessary equipment so as to make accurate diagnoses & thus avoiding ship evacuations & ship diversions.
  8. We have such an inventory on board that contains a big variety of rapid tests for various medical cases (such as bacteria testing, etc).