International Medical Waves: 360-medical experience
International Medical Waves

As we will finally return to sea, your health and safety remains our top priority. That is why we offer a full 360-medical experience. Our goal is to ensure that you will be as safe and supported as possible in your travells. We’re continually evaluating the measures we take and make updates as public health standards evolve.

Our high-quality onboard medical care is stronger than ever and ready to ensure everyone enjoys their vacation without being concerned about their health and safety. Our Technical and Medical support service maintains effective hygiene protocols on board according to WHO and CLIA. Our medical experts work closely with global health authorities to ensure that the vessels exceeds the requirements of International Public Health Services.

What is more, our team of specialized technicians can provide Medical Equipment inspections, services and trainings on board to ensure that medical devices are safe, accurate, reliable and operating at the required level of performance. Our company can also provide certification for Ship’s Medical Chest according to the regulations of the International Maritime Organization and under each ship’s Flag State requirements.

The Private laboratory in Cyprus where all kind of tests and all necessary examinations take place, securing the transportation of samples been taken on board directly to our private lab premises, following international protocols and standards, from all over the world.

Furthermore, we are in collaboration with the best clinics, medical centers, medical offices. We can conduct the Management of medical incidents at ports of call during cruise or any other trip, minimizing or even eliminating any problems that may occur from port agents, clinics, doctors or even insurance companies.

Last but not least, in collaboration with big hospitals and clinics in Greece, we can provide health care professional evaluations, diagnoses and treats to patients at a distance using telecommunications technology. Additionally, via our telemedicine system we support diagnoses from our specialist doctors for X-Rays, Ultra sounds and Cardiological Cases (ECG).

We take great pride in equiping any cruise ship with all the essential medical facilities of the best possible quality, in order to ensure the safety of everyone on board.